drive 4 life vehicle 500x

Wanting to be friendly to the environment while providing safety for students and instructor, Drive 4 Life Academy, Inc. uses a fleet of hybrid Toyota’s.  We have a Prius, and 8 Prius C’s.  Rounding out our training vehicle fleet is a Chevrolet Corvette (for teaching manual shifting to already licensed drivers).

Vehicles used for on-road instruction are in excellent mechanical condition and have a passenger-side brake and rearview mirror as required by the State of Tennessee.

In the classroom, Drive 4 Life Academy takes advantage of today’s technology and uses a 60″ high definition TV to show Powerpoint slides and videos on a big screen, rather than a hard to see projector with a fuzzy screen. An old-fashioned blackboard is used to draw traffic situations, along with model cars for demonstrations. Students will be shown an actual airbag during class and will have a thorough understanding of how they work to protect vehicle occupants in a crash situation.