About Us

Greg and Jodie Mangan have been driving enthusiasts for many years, participating in Sports Car Club of America events including Road Rallies and Solo II racing.  In Greg’s younger days, drag racing cars and motorcycles also helped make him understand the importance of proper car preparation and handling.

Greg’s career path in hotel and private club management left him unfulfilled, and while Jodie has enjoyed success as a jewelry artist, both Greg and Jodie have maintained their interest in everything automotive.

The impetus for starting Drive for Life Academy was a series of articles in Autoweek magazine that highlighted the alarming teen driving statistics.  After reading the articles over and over, Greg and Jodie felt “called” to open a driving school that would help give the necessary instruction to young drivers that will help them have a long, safe driving career.  The goal was to become the best Knoxville driving school in as short a time as possible!!

Greg and Jodie both attended the necessary AAA classes to become certified to teach the AAA Driver Improvement Program, and hired Tim Conway as lead instructor to get the school off the ground.  Tim had 30 years of driver education experience, and really helped Greg and Jodie learn the ropes.  As often happens, Tim eventually moved on to another opportunity.

Our most senior instructor on the Drive 4 Life Academy team is Tom Marsh.  Tom is a retired UPS truck driver and has over 2,500,000 miles without a traffic ticket or chargeable crash.  That’s right…over 2.5 MILLION miles without a ticket!!  Tom has a passion for teaching our students the SAFE way to drive, and is doing great both in class and behind the wheel.

The State of Tennessee Driving Instructor License numbers are listed below:

Greg Mangan             4417

Jodie Mangan            4418

Tom Marsh                 4412

Gary Wahner              4419

Sheila Hart                 4413

Sandy Hill                   4416

Bobby Odom              4420

Shannon Gibson        4414


Drive 4 Life Academy, Inc. is proud to be a member of ADTSEA (American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association).  Being a member of this organization gives us access to the latest trends in teaching and provides a network of the best driving educators in the country!  Greg is the President of the Southeast Region of ADTSEA, and was the 2015 Teacher Excellence Award Winner at the national ADTSEA conference!!